Me again!

Today is August 9th, 2011, and my penguin is currently 1686 days old.

I checked my account today to see if anybody had replied to my postcards, and Juicy Gal replied! 🙂

If anybody else checks their penguin (or this site) let me know by a comment or a postcard!

Above is a picture of me at the old dock on Mammoth!

I’ll hopefully talk to you guys later!

As always,



It’s me, MCMO.

Hey guys, I just checked this page for old-times sake, and I figured I’d make a post.

I want to say that I miss you guys a lot, I remember all of the good times we used to have.  I just logged onto the game and sent all of my close friends (you know who you are), a postcard.  Long time no see!

No one will likely see this, though if you do, remember that you were not forgotten.

I hope to see you guys around.

You guys, particularly The Penguin Pals, made my time on this site and on this game worthwhile.

As always,


Sorry I didn’t make the party I have tons goin on.

Guys OK I’m sorry I didn’t make the party.  P.S. Spade, the reason I don’t like the Cowboys is cuz I like the Redskins, duh!  And also, Mcmo, we miss you!  Start playin some more!  Oh yah and final reason I’m not playin too much is cuz my life is empty without juicy.  Last, Spade, your girlfriend is a newb!  She looks nice though.

Hey Everyone!

Hey guys!

=/ It won’t let me upload a picture of me waving…

Oh well just picture me waving and I’ll see you on Club Penguin sometime.  😀


I love you’re header. Great job. Also, I’ve heard you and my sister are scheduling a reunion? Cool! I’m there.



Well I’ve got some good news and bad news.

Bad: Redskins lost

Good: Seahawks lost, Cowboys lost, Pack won, Giants won.

Predictions for this weekend:  Sadly Pats win, but the good thing is Giants will win too.  I’m from NY.

Oh yah here are items:

Pin at forest.  Touch the pinata twice first though.



Maracas at dance club


~Jo Mama 42~

‘Skins beat ‘Boys!

Take that Spade!  Redskins beat the Cowboys by 3 touchdowns and are in the playoffs!  😀 

P.S.  Mcmo thanks for the puffle!


P.S.S.  Like my igloo?


P.S.S.S. lol

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Best Friends For Life.











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