It’s me, MCMO.

Hey guys, I just checked this page for old-times sake, and I figured I’d make a post.

I want to say that I miss you guys a lot, I remember all of the good times we used to have.  I just logged onto the game and sent all of my close friends (you know who you are), a postcard.  Long time no see!

No one will likely see this, though if you do, remember that you were not forgotten.

I hope to see you guys around.

You guys, particularly The Penguin Pals, made my time on this site and on this game worthwhile.

As always,



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Hey penguins! I'm Mcmo13. I play Club Penguin a lot and I have 100 friends 99% percent of the time. I can be found on the servers Mammoth (USA), Frozen (UK), and Abominable (USA). I usually hang around the Dock but you can find me in all of the rooms in Club Penguin.

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